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Story Time With Olofu

Greed Kills!

The story is once told of a man whom the king decided to favor. This man was given the opportunity to own choice land without paying a kobo for it! There were however some conditions.

The man was told to START WALKING from the beginning of the land, and go as far as he wants to own. He however needs to get back to his starting point before sunset! 

If you know the value of land, especially in a choice location as is being offered here, then you can imagine how excited the man was. The day was set, and by day break the man BEGAN TO RUN, not Walk.

He ran as fast as he could, covering plenty of land,. He ran for hours, trying to calculate how much land he really needed, and when the right time to turn would be. After walking, jogging and running for hours, he realized that the sun was setting, he then decided to back and go to the starting point. That was when he found out that he would need to run faster to cover the distance that took him 9 exhausting hours in 3-4hrs. He had no choice, he had to run and run he did. He was exhausted and tired, but he ran faster.

Right at the dot of the setting of the sun, he got back to the start, fell down, and died from exhaustion and the high blood pressure induced anxiety as he ran that he may not arrive early enough to get the land. 

The man was later buried on his large parcel of land, where he occupied less than 6 feet space, 6 feet below the soil!

Lesson for you and I?
Greed kills! Greed is what we get, when our standard of evaluating ourselves is competition driven! At the end of the day, man needs only as much land as he can be buried in, that’s true of most other things in life that we covet.

So this week, as you step out in pursuit of life, be contented, avoid greed of all sorts. Don’t do it.

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