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Messi > Ronaldinho

We had just finished watching Liverpool school Chelsea in the EPL and Sadio Mane starring after scoring the 2 goals. Enter my friend (he is a big Chelsea fan) who started saying Mane is overrated, I watched on as he argued his point with like 6 guys and somehow the argument drifted to who is the greatest player to don the number 10 jersey and finally to ‘who’s the greater player between Ronaldinho & Messi.

If you ask 100 young football fans within the ages of 20-30 who made them fall in love with football, there’s a high chance that 80 of them will include Ronaldinho in their list. I mean it and it is no exaggeration. Ronaldinho charmed his way into our hearts with his his skills, passes and great goals. If you did not like him because of his skills on the pitch, then you’ll definitely like him because of his killer ever-present smile.

He became a household name while donning the famous number 10 shirt for FC Barcelona. It was always going to be a challenge for the next person to don that jersey after him. There is literally nobody else who could have done it better than Lionel Messi.

Ronaldinho did things on the pitch beyond imagination, I mean man got a standing ovation at Santiago Bernabeu. So why would anyone think Lionel Messi is greater than Ronaldinho? One word ‘LONGEVITY’

Lionel Messi (maybe helped by his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo) has consistently been in the conversation of who is the best player for over a decade now. I mean man is 33 and still playing at the highest level.

When the topic of who’s the greater player between Ronaldinho and Messi popped up, I was the only person who supported the motion that Messi > Ronaldinho. This goes to tell a lot about Ronaldinho (someone threatened to pluck my eyes out since I can’t put it to good use). But I asked a question which put an end to the argument (thank God for the friends I have). The question was “In the next 200 years, when the world will be populated by people who never saw Ronaldinho or Messi play & can only decide based on the available data, who would they say was the better player?”. If you can honestly answer that question, then you know who is the greater player.

My name is Luqman Adamu you can call me Swaaguu or Malo or any other not-offensive name you like. I will spend my days visiting beer parlours so I can bring you another edition of Beer Parlour Talk.

Make sure you are staying safe.

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