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4 Popular Songs During The Olojo Festival

The Olojo Festival is a culture festival in the calendar of the Ile-Ife, Osun State which is located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It is the celebration of the remembrance of “Ogun”, god of Iron, who is believed to be the first son of Oduduwa, progenitor of the Yoruba people. (Wikipedia) 

We will distinguish the most well known songs among the Ifè people during Ǫlợjợ celebration. The melodies give a definite foundation and some particular characters of the town. Here are a few songs that have cultural and religious implications to the devotees and social and cultural implications to the non-devotees. At the point when the lovers hear the melodies, they put them in an enduring and adjusting state of mind from the social to the spiritual.

The Songs are;

  1. Ilé-Ifè ni orí’run ayé Ilé-Ifè, (the cradle of the earth)
    Ìlú Oòduà baba Yorùbá (The town of Oduduwa, father of the Yorùbá)
    Èdùmàrè tó dá wa sí’fè (The God of that created us to Ile-Ife)
    Kó máse ba ’Fe jé mó wa l’órí (Will not spoil Ile-Ife for us)
    K’Olúwa kó maa ràn wá se. (Help us oh God)
    Ifè Oòyè, E jí gìrì Ifè (people, wake up)
    E jí gìrì, k’e gbé Ifè ga (Wake up for the betterment of Ifè)
    Olórí aye ni’fè Oòyè Ilé-Ifè, (the cradle of the earth)
    K’á múra láti tè s’íwájú (We should be ready to move forward)
    Òrànfè On’ílé iná Oramfe, (whose house was built with fire)
    Oòduà a wèriri jagun (Oduduwa who fought endlessly)
    Òkànlén’írún irúnmolè (The two hundred and one gods)
    E gbé ’Fè lé’kĕ ’isòro gbogbo (Make Ifè above all problems

  2. Ilé-Ifè b’ojúmó ti mó wá Ilé-Ifè (where the sun set)
    Ìlú àsà on ìlú èsìn (The town of culture and his religion)
    Gbogbo Yorùbá e káre ’fè (All Yorùbá, let’s go to Ifè)
    Ká lo w’ohun àdáyébá t’ó jo’jú (To behold the precious ancient artifact)
    Ilé Oòduà Ifè ló wà (House of Oduduwa is located in Ifè)
    Opá Òràn’yàn; (Ilé-Ifè ni The staff of Oramiyan is in Ifè)
    Boji Morèmi Ilé-Ifè ni (The grave of Morèmi is in Ile-Ife)
    Ará, e káre ’fè Oòdáyé. (People, let’s go to Ilé-Ifè, the ancient kingdom
    This anthem creates the fundamental truth about identity. It is the traditional Ifè anthem.
    It serves as an exposure to the historical event of the city. It exposes the truth about Ifè being the
    cradle of the Yorùbá race. Other related songs include awareness songs sung at the beginning of
    the festival and during the ritual procession.
  3. Ojú mo ti mo (It is early morning)
    Ọmọ Akọgún (The son of Akọgún)
    Ijo Ogùn l’a p’ Ǫrànmìyàn (We call Ọrànmíyàn in time of war Ọmọ)
    Olomi mẹta Akọgún (The son of three waters of Akọgún)

    Chorus: kèrè kèrè bẹbẹ ojúmo ti mo (Gradually! Gradually! it is early morning)
    Another song, an awareness song, which announces the movement of the Ọợni to ÒkèMògún with the Are crown, run thus:
    4. Òde tó o! (It is time to go)
    Òde tó o! (It is time to go)
    Gbàjúre Gbàjúre (Gbàjúre! Gbàjúre!)
    Onlé nlá (Owner of the big empire)
    A s’ Ǫlợjợ Ilé-Ifè (We celebrate Ǫlợjợ of Ifè)
    Oba nlá borí oba (Powerful king who conquers other king)
    O tó jọba lo lọba (A worthy King)
    O j’ onilé (He resembles the owner of the house)
    O fi ọjó fún Ọlọjó (He dedicates the day to the owner)
    Bi mi o ba puró (If I won’t lie)
    Ọgá ni n’lé Ketu (He is recognised as a warrior in Ketu land)
    Ọmọ Eleredùmí Ilé-Ifè.( The son of Eredùmí of Ifè-Ilè)
    Gbàjúre Gbajure
    Ǫrànmìyàn, akin ni ile, aki láko Oràmíyàn (the brave man at home and in the village)
    Ọkùnrin kakaki t’otoju ogún delé (Strong man who came home from war)
    Gbàjúre Gbajure
    Opà ara ido ògbà ido (He killed and as well saved the Ido people)
    Gbàjúre Gbàjúre

Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, vol.12, no.1, September 2018

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