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LAYCON: Here Are 5 Facts About SC Genotype You Need To Know

Controversies was sparked on social media when Nigerian Artiste and Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Laycon revealed his genotype while speaking with one of the housemates during the live reality show. The rapper who is now among the finalists for the widely watched reality show said he suffers a mild form of sickle cell anaemia.

According to him, “my genotype is SC (Sickle Cell), I don’t like to tell people my genotype because I feel they’d think I’m sick.”

This has generated mixed reactions from his fans, viewers of the reality show and health professionals.

We have carefully curated the research works of medical doctors on SC genotype. Here are five (5) things you need to know about the rare genotype.

  1. SC results from the co-inheritance of HbS and HbC and has its highest prevalence in West Africa.
  2. Patients with Hb SC disease live longer than patients with Hb SS and have fewer painful episodes, but this disorder is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality, especially after age 30.90 In the United States the median life span for men is 60 years and for women 68 years.
  3. The hemoglobin (Hb) SC genotype is seen in persons who have inherited the gene for hemoglobin S from one parent and the gene for hemoglobin C from the other. Some people with this genotype develop Hb SC disease, a variant of sickle cell disease.
  4. Both SS and SC contain the sickle cell allele. They differ by the symptoms observed in humans. The main difference between SS and SC genotype is that SS is the genotype that produces the sickle cell disease whereas SC causes recurrent anemia.
  5. According to researchers, the long-term outlook for people affected by hemoglobin SC disease can vary depending on the severity of symptoms. Some people are minimally affected by the condition while others have more serious complications of the disease and may have require blood transfusions when the anemia becomes severe.

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