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Fill in the Black: A guessing game for black people

Recently, TVP Adventures, a tour organizing brand, launched a game that goes by the name ‘‘Fill in the Black’’. The game has been described as informative, family friendly, fun, and energetic. Coming at a time when there has been an upsurge in the black lives matter campaign, it is said to educate players on their black origin, culture, and history.

According to Funmi Oyatogun, the brain behind TVP Adventures, the game was inspired by her personal experience being black and African as a student in a predominantly white environment. “Being black and African in white America is a culture shock. But if you survive, it is a learning opportunity. I was observing, learning, watching, doing what I needed to do to navigate the situation. Then later, I moved to the UK to go to graduate school and that was another layer of navigating my blackness. By the time I came back, I had learned two major lessons that inspired Fill in the black game. First, Black is as much a skin color as it is an identity, a heritage, a culture, etc. it is many different things to different people. Also, Black Americans/Brits are quite misinformed about each other. Yet, the one thing we have in common is our blackness, no matter how that manifests in different spaces. So, with my experience as a Nigerian, born and raised on the continent but with a quarter of my life lived outside the continent, I created this game as a fun way to connect and celebrate blackness everywhere!”

The game is played by describing the particular word highlighted in yellow on the game card without using any of the five phrases (forbidden words) written below the highlighted word. This is sure to help players rack their brains and give them a good laugh.

Game cards from the Fill in the black game.
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